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Construction Terms
Just like education, the construction business uses its fair share of acronyms. Combine the two, and the list grows even longer. To help you learn the lingo, below are some of the terms and abbreviations you will see in documents or hear in conversations over the next 10 years:
  • AAG (Akron Architectural Group): A group of six Akron architectural firms – Braun & Steidl Architects, GPD Group, Hasenstab Architects Inc., Moody/Nolan Ltd. Inc., TC Architects Inc., and URS – hired to design the schools.
  • CD (Construction Documents): Detailed drawings and specifications for construction projects and used for the bidding process.
  • CLC (Community Learning Center): New schools designed to expand the use of the buildings by the community.
  • CM (Construction Manager): A group of four local construction companies – G. Stephens Inc., Kenmore Companies, Panzica and Ruhlin – selected to manage all aspects of building construction.
  • Cooperative Agreement: An agreement between the city of Akron and Akron Public Schools outlining acquisition, construction, equipment financing, operation, maintenance and use of Akron's community learning centers.
  • CPT (Community Planning Team)
  • DD (Design Development): Drawings outlining architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other essential elements reviewed prior to the construction document phase.
  • LFI (Locally Funded Initiative): Includes costs for items not covered by OSFC funding like land acquisition, extra classroom space and fixed gymnasium seating.
  • Master Schedule: A timeline of the construction phases for each building to be renovated or rebuilt.
  • MFP (Master Facility Plan): A plan that describes the total building area needed to house the projected student enrollment, buildings to be rebuilt or renovated, and the basic project cost.
  • OSFC (Ohio School Facility Commission): Established by the Ohio General Assembly in 1997 to provide funding, management, oversight and technical assistance in construction and renovation of school facilities. So far, the OSFC has worked with more than half of the state's 612 school districts to build, rebuild, upgrade, renovate and modernize schools. Learn more at
  • POR (Program of Requirements): An evaluation and approval of the educational, schedule and budget requirements prior to schematic design.
  • Rebuild Ohio: A plan to rebuild or renovate Ohio's 612 school districts. More than $10 billion was set aside for the project. This money was part of Ohio's share of a $206 billion national settlement between the tobacco industry and a group of 46 states.
  • RKPS (Ruhlin, Kenmore, Panzica, Stephens): A joint-venture team operating as construction manager for the Akron rebuilding project (see CM above).
  • SD (Schematic Design): Preliminary architectural drawings illustrating the scale of the project along with preliminary cost estimates.
  • SF (Square Foot)
  • Swing Space: Space used to temporarily house students while new facilities are being built or renovated.


The Joint Board of Review met on December 12, 2015. Visit the Oversight page for a list of the Joint Board's minutes.

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